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You might find it hard to get players on your freshly arrived server and you would like some help Making your server stand out? Give your server the image it deserves!

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You will need: Toggle navigation. Minecraft Dedicated Clientarea. Create a free Anvilnode sub-domain. How To: All Anvilnode customers can create free sub domains using our sub domain tool found here.

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Not including the server port! In the second box insert your server port. In the third box enter the subdomain you would like to connect with, for example, "MyMCServer". Use the drop down to select a subdomain ending. We currently offer Anvil.

There are many free tools available to help you optimize your website: Pear Analytics Портал База знаний.

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Toggle navigation. База знаний. Advanced 4 Guide to some of the more advanced features on your account. Billing 4 Common issues regarding billing and account setup.

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ClientExec 11 ClientExec Documentation. Database 9 Most applications require a database to function. Direct Admin 1 Direct Admin Panel. Domains 11 Information on what domains are and how to use them.

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Email 12 Everything you need to know about using your email. FAQ 3 Commonly asked questions and their answers. Files 4 Managing the files on your hosting account.

Hosting 6 Everything you need to know about website hosting.


Installation Guides 1 Guides on installing common software. Logs 1 Information on how to access and interpret your logs. Minecraft Errors 4 Helping with minecraft errors.