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Updated The U. State Department runs a summer sex program meant to give foreign college students the chance to work and live in the United States.

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But college students from Kazakhstan who enrolled in the program were exposed to more American culture than the State Department intended. They arrived in South Florida planning to spend the summer as clerical workers in a yoga studio but were instead told they would be working as prostitutes. Federal prosecutors said Wednesday that Jeffrey Jason Cooper, 46, tricked the foreign students into sex work.

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InCooper sent job offers to an international exchange company in Chicago, claiming his name was Asian. Janardana Dasa, that he owned gf xxx yoga studio called Janardana's Yoga and Wellness and that he needed workers to answer the phones and book appointments.

But none of that was true, according to the federal indictment charging Cooper with sex trafficking and wire fraud. After the Chicago company sponsored visas for the Kazakh students and two young women arrived in Miami Beach in JuneCooper told them there was no yoga studio, and women working with him told the students about the erotic massages and sex acts they would be performing.

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Two young women worked as prostitutes under Cooper's direction and handed him their earnings, until their rescue by tricked enforcement agents in Augustaccording to the complaint. Cooper's indictment reveals that he was trying to traffic at least three other people into the U.

He faces up to 15 years in prison for sex trafficking and up to 20 years on the wire fraud rap.

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This isn't the first time Cooper has seen the inside of a South Florida into.