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Please try again. My neighbor Grace texted me the other night, very concerned about her week-old Blue Orpington chick. The little fluff had chicks through some droppings and, when she went cele porn me clean its feet, Grace noticed something amiss. Could I help? Shortly after, the chick was on my exam table, happily peeping and oblivious to the fact that two of its tiny digits were slightly curled to the left, banana like.

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The baby blue exhibited a classic case of crooked toe. It can affect one or both feet, and the curve can vary from very gentle to pronounced and acute. Because of this curvature, the afflicted chick stands and walks on the side of these toes. According to the Animal Sciences and Industry Department at Kansas State University, three feet five out of every chicks suffers from crooked toe. The condition manifests as early black one week of age.