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Candid street shorts

New York City abounds with characters — interesting and colorful people. This man approached samantha fox penthouse to sell his artwork … and we ended up taking a few photos of him. With a few quick, automatic steps, the informal portrait is improved.

Informal / candid portraits on the street – Applying what you know

Hide shopping bags. Any quick fixes that will immediately improve street a camera phone snapshot. Similarly here, I immediately asked him to go to this doorway a few yards away — the gold trim and black of the facade would perfectly match the dark suit and warm tones of this flower and his skin. Working in this doorway also meant we had shade — no struggle with hard sunlight.

Free Candid Public Skirt Whooty -= JRay513 =- 0:57 Film

The pose is all his! He immediately went to this candid. If you look at the 4 images in the entire sequence, you will notice the first image he had his left hand out in the shorts.