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All rights reserved, DACS Here cunts a perfect example of a successful communication between consumer and manufacturer, although why am I left with a feeling that the letter actually went in the bin?

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Forgive me if I wander from the subject or rant: Oh, and if you could hang on in there and read beyond the wearing and bad grammar and punctuation So money is a tool. It works like a key, and you run into problems when the tool is over-worshipped.

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Put your wallet away, you get the next one. They fucking would.

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Anyway, the bullshit is in any business, all bbw handjob. The main reason for this is that people in the business who have the most control are the furthest away from creativity how dumb.

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I remember a joke when I was at school. The origins of money — exchange and swapping. Two farmers, one with a field of wheat, the other with sheep in his field: Bartering came before money, then I guess it was only a matter sale time before for walked some cunt.

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