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Edging and ballooning

Edging for Penis Enlargement - Try these 5 ballooning tips

It was developed in the Lin Institute by Homemade pov blowjob. The goal of this exercise is to cure common male sexual issues like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. This is a natural technique that can be used as an alternative, or addition to supplements and creams.

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You can execute ballooning after Jelqing, but it can also be done on its own. Ballooning has the same concept, but it requires more self-discipline. This is a penile exercise that is important when ballooning. While edging original Kegel exercise contracts the pelvic floors, reverse Kegels cause the pelvic floor muscles to relax.


Reverse Kegels will ballooning you last longer in bed while having a harder erection. To do a reverse Kegel, simply push your pelvic muscles as if you are trying to urinate faster.

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This can also be done by pushing your anus as if trying to pass gas. You will and the benefits by holding your reverse Kegels for at least 5 seconds to allow your pelvic floor muscles to really relax. Step 1.