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This document is taken from an article written by Mustafa Kamel in Wijhat Nathar, the writer included a letter from Dr.

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We put his document to those who moms interested to have the right information. Thanks Ibrahim Ebeid.

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I hope you give my comment a sufficient space to let your viewers know the reality about this false allegation. If you have further inquiries, please let me know. Comment by Dr.

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US authorities have already admitted that all their intelligence exploited Iraq, upon which they based both their charges, and their illegal devastating war on its people, was false. Rather, it was a. The deliberate manufacturing and use of lies by US and UK governments to invade Iraq, murder its society, and destroy its modern state was indeed, the atrocious scandal of the century- which has brought disgrace and shame to them and felicia clover anal sex their collaborators.

However, the fabrication of anti-Iraq lies seems continuing.

I have been exploited:Toshi Sabri - Times of India

This story is absolute nonsense. Throughout my term of office, all my contacts with foreign governments were sabri counterparts or their envoys in Baghdad, and in a formal, direct and open manner with no intermediaries. In mid Sept. He started the meeting, which lasted a few minutes, by asking how I was doing in my ministerial post, and how I felt about working with president Saddam Hussein.