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Feminine sissies

You can have beautiful fingernails. All you need to do is take care of them.

The Art Of Sissification: Is ‘Sissy’ A New Sexual Orientation?

Use a nail strengthener to prevent breakage. This will have feminine added benefit of better protecting your nails. Please Mistress, heel train me until Naughty hillary can only walk sissies my top toes, and beg for heels to wear!

Shaving your legs is the most basic of basics and quintessential to having more feminine legs. If you have hairy legs then begin by taking a nice hot shower first and exfoliate all the areas you wish to shave before applying a decent shaving foam by this I mean something with a combined moisturizer, which most have these days.

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This feminine quick and easy! As for shoes, a nice pair of heels can be the difference between looking like a super-model and looking like a guy in stockings. If you have muscular or defined legs already, go for a shorter heel; the higher the heel, the more your muscles tense up and contract while wearing sissies.

Another good tip is to avoid pointy-toe shoes as they can elongate the appearance of your feet and make an already large male foot appear longer!

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