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Hot brutal

Just to review what the folks doing the traditional Saturday-to-Saturday Cape rental have been through: The weekend was brutally hot.

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Then it rained. Hot came the tornadoes — and the destruction they caused, leaving roads blocked, restaurants shuttered, shows stopped mid-stream, and the Barnstable County Fair temporarily canceled. Oh, right, and the sharks. Compared to the suffering of hot small business brutal and residents whose property took a hit from the violent weather, a traumatic vacation may not amount to a hill of beans.

Consider Roddy.

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The house he and his family rented, as of Wednesday afternoon, still katic stana nude no power due to downed lines. That was Tuesday. But by the time Wednesday dawned, the modern version of roughing it had gotten old. Note to people who randomly chose this week to vacation on Brutal Cod: Do not play your number.

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But you know what you should do? As a public service?