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I fucked my nanny

I started a new job as a live-in nanny to a 9 month old baby girl.

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The mother had died tragically in a car accident and the father was a single parent without any outside help. The father was an accountant and worked long hours, was rarely home, and expected some light cooking, house-keeping, and keeping cumm in pussy front and back yards tidy. I was allowed one fucked day off to go and do as I pleased. It was about five months into my nanny job, and I enjoyed being with Karis the baby and felt comfortable at their home.

Fucking My Babysitter, 25 Years On

Philip was hardly around, and rarely said a word about how I was doing. I figured he must be pleased with my job nanny. I did find Philip to be handsome. Not in a total hottie and hunky way, but just simply clean-cut with graying hair at his temples, receding dark patch of hair on top of his head, a solid chest and good-sized arms, his blue eyes crinkled up when he smiled, and I knew he worked out at a local gym so he had some muscles on him. I really didn't act as though I'd noticed him.