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Japan naked housekeeper service to help you

By French Maid TV You seems just like a dream story that "a naked maid makes cooking and cleaning," but it seems that it is already a service offered to rich people in the United States, and even in Japan It seems that service provision began to be started.

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First of all, we will recruit for only people as a new member. Details are as below.

Find Childcare Provider Providers in Tokyo Japan

Housekeeping uncutdicks in nude http: Why is it naked? In the United States, a theft case by a person in the housekeeping substitution industry is regarded as a problem and it seems that it was a chance to work without wearing clothing in order to win trust, and now it is for the service It is said that it is done as a service.

According to naked site, housekeeping substitution is "people are working cleanly and washing all day because they are working till xxx sec night" and "people clean up everyday, but the kitchen oil dirty, bath It seems to be recommended for people who do not turn around the water such as moldy stalls "and that it plans to develop services not only for high net worth individuals but also for overseas assignees.

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The fee is 50 thousand yen for admission fee. It seems help service will be accepted four times a month on the basis of 2 hours per time, so it will be cash paying 52 thousand yen per one at the completion of service.

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In addition, an additional fee of 10, yen per 30 minutes will occur separately. Recruitment for new members as well as recruitment for maid staff is also taking place.

Housekeeper to this, the work is supposed to assist domestic general in nakedness in condominiums and detached houses, and there is no sorry for anything. Entry qualifications are "Healthy people japan 20 to 50 years old, welcomed by those who like cleaning. Welcome persons who like cleaning.