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Doing my other 2 page comic helped me push myself and I am doing my mycollegerules to finish this project.

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I have about 3 pages of text down. Should mycollegerules 20 pages of comic I think… maybe?

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Originally posted by gyeomdrop. Often times you would write out your unholy fantasies in your notebook. They were for your eyes and yours alone.

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It was the beginning of the new mycollegerules at my university in Seoul when I first saw him: Im Jaebum. He was assigned as my college algebra instructor and I was grateful for it too.

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His button mycollegerules shirt with a plain black tie and dress pants was just enough to make me drool for the whole two hours I was there. His muscles protrude nicely in his white button up and the sleeves are always rolled up halfway so that I can see the veins around his beautiful hands and forearms. His eyes were the most beautiful dark brown I had ever seen, piercing even.

My college rules

Whenever he addressed me I had to look away sissy subliminal trainer fear of getting lost or saying the mycollegerules thing. And, like any major taboo crush, I wrote out all my fantasies of him in a journal.

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My journal.