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I had to try this place, Its very relaxed nice staff, a cool pool table and Karaoke room, the food was colourful and tasty.

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There was a nice man treating all the patrons. All up was a fun night and is worth a look ineven just for a drink. Nice friends and I came here for dinner. The ambience is cool. Neon, youthful, Tokyo themed with games, spa and pool table that you don't have to pay to use.

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Food is burgers with a bit f a Japanese touch. We found miilfs bento boxes to fuckingmachines the best value. Choose any burger then you get edamame, fries and a really delicious chubby salad in a bento box. Add gyoza as well for good measure. Very good quality and quantity.

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The staff were super-friendly, but I'm not too nice that they should be smoking near the entrance. However, they knew their product and were very charming. Very cool concept. Great attention to detail with the theme and plenty of little nooks to explore including karaoke room, pool room, and chubby a dry ice spa.

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