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Nurses gabriella fox

Katsuni plays the dictatorial head nurse at her hospital and oversees the work of several nurses and gabriella stripers.

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Known by her nurses as the "nurse from hell," Katsuni demands perfection from people who are all-too-human. She's also a massive pain in the ass to the patients. Believe me when I say that nobody could play the part of a fox and tyrannical nurse better than French-accented Asian siren Katsuni.

She really shines both in her australian porns and sexual performances.


One of the best things about Nurses is that it features Digital Playground's entire stable of contract girls as of the time the movie was shot. Each girl has a unique and effective role to play. For example, cutie Riley Steele plays street vouyer bumbling candy striper who, besides being the consummate klutz, can't seem to stop making mistakes. Jesse Jane plays a role that I can best describe as "Jesse Jane the supermodel pretending she's a nurse.

Fresh nurses are being very naughty

It's hilarious and extremely sexy! Stoya plays a kinky nurse who thinks nothing of introducing a little anal sex into a patient's sponge bath.

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Gabriella Fox, who just might be the prettiest girl on the planet, portrays a visitor who, along with her girl-pal Shawna, comes to the hospital to cheer up Shawna Lenee's boyfriend Scott Nails.