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Private lessons 2 full movie online

Private Lessons 2

Sign in. Marlon Wayans explains how a White Chicks sequel could still be in the future, even 15 years after the movie's first release. Watch now. Private Lessons II Professional photographer Lauren travels to Miami to find the next hottest model for her shoot.

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She hooks up with her emotional Cuban limo driver Raul, but then her cheating sleazy husband Stephen shows up as well as hot Marissa. An immigrant housemaid seduces a year-old boy and later fakes her own death as part of his chauffeur's blackmail plot. Troubles arise when the two start to fall in love.

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A husband and wife, dissatisfied with their banal suburban existence, take a walk on the wild side one night with a couple they meet at the Zebra Lounge. An aspiring tennis player is taken under the wing of an established naked kombat free as his family life falls apart.