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Sasha devereaux

When MacClain is murdered, the teams discover his frame-up and the reason for it. Their investigation leads them to the Devereaux father and son. His daughter, Sasha, is a music major at Louisiana State University.

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As of the beginning of season two, Dwayne and Linda officially divorced. With the money Dwayne got from selling their home he paid for Dr. Wade's oldest adopted son and assistant Danny's college, Laurel's college, a place sasha his father if he makes paroleas well as buying a fixer-upper bar, TruTone.

He is also a native of Alabama.

While in college he played the school mascot Big Al. He lives in the French Quarter. He has received multiple commendations for his work at the New Orleans children's hospital.

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After this, LaSalle begins sleeping with devereaux women, leaving the team concerned for his well-being. In season 3, Rachel star hd porn believes he has fathered a child, though the child is later revealed not to be his.

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In "Ties That Bind", LaSalle's father Beau passed away; he made Chris, with whom he had a contentious if not estranged relationship, executor of his estate and his successor at LaSalle Enterprises. She has a background in interrogation and claims to have a black belt in aikido.

At the end of season two, Brody begins a relationship with a Homeland Security Agent named Russo, who is revealed to be corrupt.