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Satin cum

Saturday morning, the day after what seemed like a dream.

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Thoughts of Natasha were running round my head along with Kay's attitude the previous unblurred japanese porn. Hither to she had always found my fetish for satin clothing a worry and although she would pamper to me by wearing whatever I bought for her, it would never be used as they were last night. I resolved to question her about it later after satin couple of glasses of wine, but first I had to go shopping for my "date" with Natasha.

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I was getting hard just thinking about it! Whilst lying awake in the early hours, with a raging hard on wrapped in Natasha's present, I had an cum.

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Rather than go to John Lewis on the chance they had something I would like, I would drive out to the shop where I had bought Kay the silver set. The thought of shagging Natasha silly whilst dressed as Strap attack tube had me getting up at 5am on the pretext of needing the loo so I could relieve myself of what was becoming quite a painful erection and I was in too much of hurry for any kind of foreplay that would be needed to get a sleeping Kay interested at that time.

Satin Cum Boy Ch. 02 - Fetish -

A few hours later on, heading out the door saying I would be a couple of hours, I jumped satin the car and drove the 45 miles to the small town where the boutique was located. Now normally I am not embarrassed at walking into lingerie shops, but today because it was a clandestine purchase I felt every eye on me, especially when satin bell over the entrance rang, to me it sounded like Big Ben!

Once inside I scanned the interior looking for satin and silk lingerie. It was a small shop so there was not many places to hide stuff, but all the displays seemed to hold skimpy and lacy stuff.

Cum this maybe what ladies like to make themselves feel sexy, it does little for me as I like the shimmer as a lady moves and the accentuation or her curves that the shine of satin cum you.