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IBON: Corruption scandals under Arroyo cost Filipinos P7.3B

Vid scandals, celeb deaths top trends on Yahoo! Philippines Published Video scandals, the deaths scandals celebrities, and predictions fortopped the trending searches on media portal Yahoo!

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Philippines in the first week filipi Philippines said a "scandal video" of slain actor Ramgen Revilla sharing an intimate moment with girlfriend Janelle Average porn topped the list from Jan.

Interestingly, Sen.

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Revilla co-authored the anti-voyeurism law, which penalizes the taking of photos or videos showing a person's private parts. But Ramgen's mother Genelyn vehemently denied that her children were responsible for the video leak.

Second on the trending list was the death of actor Filipi Perez, 26, who was found scandals inside a black Toyota Altis parked along the North Luzon Expressway in Valenzuela City.

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Third on the list were predictions for as Yahoo!