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Screeched sex tape

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Just seeing screech hitting on two women is worth watching this movie. Some of his comments are funny, but most are stupid.

As for being staged maybe, but how many staged films would take the time to mess up a hotel room as bad as they did on this film. It looks as if tape was a party in the room before Screech arrived. This movie lulls in some places, but the screeched picks right up again.

Dustin 'Screech' Diamond Talks About His Sex Tape Debacle (VIDEO)

The only thing I am left wondering though, when he mentions the little game him and the boys have and sex mentions Mark, is that Mark-Paul Gosselaar?

Only Screech knows. The girls are cute thong clips hot, but hey it is Dustin Diamond. You know the money he made of this movie might just have saved his house from being repossessed.