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24 Movies That Are Fully Just About Sex and Not Much Else

Netflix has thousands xvideos mobile movies available for streaming, adults the choices of genre are basically endless. The only thing that's missing is porn on Netflixbut even that almost exists. Despite the fact that Netflix doesn't for a "Late Night" category like competitor HBO Go does, it does have its fair share of racy content.

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And while none of it is technically porn, you might be shocked by the level of sexiness shown in some deeply buried movies that probably sex extremo make it into your recommendations due to the site's algorithm. You might be thinking, "Wait so Netflix has been recommending Cheers to me for all this time when they had hidden porn available?

To find porn on Netflix, you have to find the secret micro-genres that include the word "steamy.

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If movies looking for legit porn, though, Netflix is not the place. As mentioned earlier, you can find both sexy content intended to arouse only as well as everyday movies that happen to include pornographic-type sex scenes on HBO Go.

The streaming service's "Late Night" category offers countless specials featuring well known porn stars, and they also offer acclaimed fictional shows like The Deuce sex, which depicts the pornography industry in the '70s. But if you think that HBO has beat Netflix in offering the most sexually explicit entertainment, think again.

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