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Teen a world of insecurity and competition, sometimes the teen way for a teenager to raise their social status is to act out — and usually, moms sons porn involves sex.

The dark and unsettling drama tells of a group of Israeli, sexy, middle-class teenagers from the same public school who are caught in the web of an oversexed culture.

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The boys she hangs out with use and abuse her until Gili eventually finds she is no longer in charge of her own actions. But this sort of debate is the reason Segal wrote such a controversial story: She hopes to start a conversation about oversexed teenage life in Israel — a topic, which israeli says, is hardly addressed. Israeli girls grow up battling an impossible double standard: Gurfinkel said statistics show the average Israeli teenager starts to perform oral sex at age 17 — in America, sexy age is But this touches on the psychological formula of the strong against the weak, and the film shows how people take advantage of the weak, not just in a sexual way.

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They crafted a narrative based on numerous of cases of sexual abuse in Israeli public schools. The film echoes one incident of gang rape that occurred while Segal was in high school, in a Tel Aviv suburb where Gurfinkel grew up.

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Segal recalled when the story broke in the israeli, and said every Israeli parent, including her own, was outraged something like that ejaculation xxx happen in their schools. But it happens everywhere, especially in our schools, and its not monsters but usually people that we know.

The villains in the film appear to be the group of boys Gili hangs out with.