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Sexy women changing

Laura stages a photo shoot to change the mainstream's perceptions of plus-size women, showing that they can be sexy and desirable if given more visibility. Skip navigation!

R29 Features. Episode Info See more about this Episode. Take a walk down a billboard-filled street, pick up a magazine, turn on the TV, or watch a movie, and witness one you p the most elaborate vanishing acts of all time: But this doesn't reflect my reality.

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I am confident; I am sexy; and I am plus size. I wear what I wantregardless of my size, and I don't hesitate to post sexy pictures changing my Instagram.

How women's 'perfect' body types changed throughout history

However, combatting societal body negativity takes more than just individual self-love. Studies sexy that seeing body diversity more often can actually make people more likely to consider larger bodies more aspirational women attractive.

So I created a photo project to show New Yorkers how sexy plus-size women can be — by presenting them with steamy, intimate scenarios featuring one sexy plus-size woman: In the video above, I project the aforementioned photos on New York City buildings in major intersections and talk to the people on the street about what they think. Trending Videos.

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