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Traci lords hustler

Hustler Magazine [United States] (February 1986)

Adult films and magazines hustler porno queen Traci Lords were being removed from video stores and sex shops nationwide Thursday lords the result of a Los Angeles investigation of allegations that she was a minor when she posed for dozens of X-rated videos and nude pictorials. The Adult Film and Video Assn.

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Authorities said Lords, one of the biggest stars in the hard-core film industry, with three top-earning videos last year, turned 18 just two months ago. It is a crime in California to use a minor--defined in some Penal Code sections as under age 18 and in others as under to act in pornographic movies.

The Los Angeles Daily News quoted adult film industry sources as saying that they fear the investigation may be part of a crackdown, particularly in light of the recent report by the U.

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He declined to specify what charges Lords might face, saying he did not want to reveal details of the investigation. Lords, quoted recently as saying she wants to get out of the adult film business, was not available for comment.

Sex Films Pulled; Star May Have Been Minor

Jim Docherty said Thursday. He added that police have not been asked to take action against any film lesbea dvd at this time. Albergate said: He said the producers could be charged with felony distribution of pornography featuring a minor. John Weston, a lawyer for the adult film association, hot local xxx he could not establish whether Lords, whose real name reportedly is Kristie E.

Nussman, was under 18 when she made the films in question or appeared in traci in magazines, including Penthouse and Hustler.