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Killing Kittens is an international organization that throws upscale masquerade lifestyle parties around the world. They are especially big in London, and are just getting black hosting events in Chicago. You must apply to join the group on their website, and they pride themselves on being very exclusive.

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Kurious Kittens is a subgroup of the more famous group, Killing Kittens. Events happen in major cities all over the world the particular event we went to was in London. These parties are aimed at people new to the lifestyle, and is borderline-vanilla.

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No nudity and no playing, it is solely a social event. We have written enough reviews that katherine justice nude now get lost in the pages of this blog.

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Clubs in Chicago. There are plenty of them out there, but we only have a coupon code for you for this one.

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Rehab is a social group swingers is one of a kind in Chicago. They often host Sunday Funday events, which are casual daytime get-togethers in dive tumblr. They also host many other random events, including bar crawls and sports events.