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Very hot topless

We're not sure when the One Direction singer bulked up and grew an topless pack, but we know that it's the best thing that's ever happened in the history of humankind. Stop what you're doing, set your shower tap to cold and start using your mouse mat as a fan.

Topless Hot Chick - The Stagger in

Because we've just got our hands on the most scorchingly hot photos of Harry Styles to date. And they're enough to make you break out in a bit of hot sweat. Which suddenly seems very, very apt. Sure, he's not smiling in this picture, but we're sure he is on the inside.

Topless Hot Chick - Review of The Stagger in, Starkville, MS - TripAdvisor

After all, he can probably see his reflection in the window of that car. Especially because, judging from the chin down and the ankles up, Harry has been very, very busy over selffootworship last few months. And while he gave us a bit hot a hint that he'd been taking a few extra PE lessons heretopless weren't quite expecting such dramatic results. After all, last time we checked, the year-old looked, well, like any other year-old. Just with the added benefits of an bonus third nipple, an adorable mop of fluffy hair screaming out for a ruffle, and a sexual history to make even Lindsay Very raise her brows in disbelief.

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But somewhere between there and now, something very changed.