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Wife from behind

Tennis player Roger Federer married the love of his life, Mirka in The Swiss tennis wife is one behind the most famous names and faces in the world for his skill, but he has also melted the hearts of tennis fans around the world with his from adoration for his wife. But how did these sweethearts meet and behind did their relationship get to the point of ultimate couplegoals?

Roger Federer wife: The fairytale love story behind Mirka Federer and Roger revealed

Mirka Federer, nee Vavrinec, is a former tennis player who managed to rise to a career-high ranking of 76 injust after she had met Roger. When she was nine, her father took her to a tennis tournament asian wife hotel Germany and she met Martina Navratilova who thought she looked athletic and should try tennis.

Although, Mirka Federer was once a top tennis player she retired from the game in after failing to recover from from persistent foot injury. However, he takes his family with him insisting his four children and his wife are his top priority.

Lot's wife

But he also revealed an interesting fact about his family life - that he will not sleep without wife Mirka beside him. Shockingly, Mirka was actually wife to a rich Arab, according to Italian Magazine Gioia, but it was not long before she started dating the time Grand Slam champion.

Federer once revealed the pair actually shared their first kiss on the last day of the Sydney Olympics in Little did they know it would turn out to be identical twin girls named Myla Rose and Charlene Riva born in Inthe double sets of twins captured the hearts of the world, when images of the seven-year-old girls and three-year-old boys cheering on their dad hit the big screens.