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There's a police officer in Cape Town notorious among the city's sex workers. Reason being, he devotes most of his time to making their pussy boobs a living hell. Two weeks ago in the upcoming suburb of Woodstock, he and his police pals rounded up a group of eight sex workers and put them in the back of a van.


They drove to the city's main river and let them out onto its bank. The com allegedly gave them three options: This unconventional style of policing is the city's dirty little secret. Porn bbw belies a tide of systematic abuse—including blackmail, beatings, and rapes—metered out against sex workers, a section of society seen by some as sub-humans deserving of anything that comes www them.

It's all about power.

The South African Sex Workers Fighting Abusive Police

Incidents are rarely reported to the authorities because sex workers know if they ask for help they will be ignored or even punished, especially if the perpetrators are themselves police officers. Yet, on southafricansex occasion, one of the women pushed into the river made a phone call.

She got through to the only people she trusted to get her justice: