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I would put money on the real numbers being even higher. Speaking in an interview published on YouTubethe year-old opens up pornos how appearing in porn over a period pornos just three months in continues to affect her life today. Difficulty finding a normal job after quitting porn was … scary.

Ex-porn star Mia Khalifa wants to move on with her life. Why won't we let her?

When someone pointed out her porn website is still live online, Khalifa said: Sex work is a form publicupskirt work. A brief look at how the porn world has changed in recent years provides an explanation for the first issue.

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As technology has developed, so too has the way we both make and consume sexually explicit films. This meant people could perform in porn with a level of rated and privacy — someone would have rated purchase the VHS you could be seen on to see you, not just stumble across you on the web.

And because watching porn involved a purchase, there was good money to be made, too. The web, and piracy in particular, has made pornography much less profitable. There is, however, a new frontier of pornography growing rapidly, one that is already radically changing the industry for the better.