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Porn block: UK porn website ban delayed – how new proof of age laws will work (eventually)

Email address: X-rated websites were set to be blocked on 15 July this year, but now the new laws have been delayed again. It is still unknown how far the porn block implementation will be pushed back, with an administrative error causing an indefinite wait.

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All internet providers will block x-rated websites when the new system comes into place, with users having to verify their age before they can ashton blake nude. Users will be automatically blocked from using free sites such as PornHub and YouPorn, unless they can prove their age. This automatic block, introduced under the Digital Economy Actis being put in couple in an attempt to prevent children from seeing inappropriate content.


The Act states that commercial providers of pornographic content should have age verification checks on their websites, in order to prevent children from viewing explicit images youporn videos. The terms of the Digital Economy Act youporn that online commercial pornography services which can be accessed from the UK must use an age verification system.

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The user then leaves AgeID and enters the details required to prove their age into the site of the third-party age verification provider.

The third party will then pass back couple a pass or fail to AgeID.