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Today YouPorn launched Sexy Lingoan app that helps you learn basic phrases, flirt, and ultimately seal the deal in four languages. It gives lessons in English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese, teaching you everything from the proper way to say hello to telling your partner that no, the sex was bad.

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At french, Sexy Lingo works just like every other basic language app, teaching nouns, pronouns, and short phrases with multiple choice and short threesomepornvideos questions, often accompanied by helpful pictures. The app will also educate you on slang terms for other various sex acts.

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And, yes, youporn are helpful, very NSFW pictures for these too. It ends by teaching you how to invite your partner to stay over. So while hooking up in other countries will never be youporn easy for you as it is for the lucky pizza delivery guy on YouPorn, at least it can be a little less awkward if you study up on Sexy Lingo. Wherever you go. About Advertise french us.

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